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Medicare Action Alert

November 2017


The Tax Cut & Jobs Act will:


Increase the deficit by over $1.4 TRILLION

Immediately cut Medicare by $25 billion

Set up trillion dollar cuts to Medicaid, Medicare & Social Security to pay for the tax cuts and the deficit.

Lead to 13 million fewer people insured, and to millions more paying higher premiums

End the medical expense deduction - hurting at least 4.5 million people with incomes less that $75,000

Increase taxes for 47% of families with children


At the end of a rushed and secretive process, Congressional leadership is working to make last minute deals. Make no mistake - this bill is not fixable. Congress needs to scrap it start over. Now is the time to make your voice heard to protect our health care and our families. Join the overwhelming number of organizations representing everyday people, including older adults and people with disabilities, which are opposed to this tax cut bill. Contact your Senators today to tell them not to sacrifice American's healthcare and future well - being to give tax cuts to the wealthy


Reach ANY Senator through the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 or use SEIU toll free 866-426-2631


Fraternally, Pete