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"A message to my brothers and sisters who have served at this great crisis"

Editorial; Ex. VP Chuck Goldthwait


To all my brothers and sisters who currently serve, or have served, as public safety first responders my humble greetings in this time of great confusion, chaos, and concern. As I know all of you attest, it is extremely difficult for us all, those currently active and those who formerly served, and all who give in all of us to respond to protect lives, and and gave their lives to protect others, to deal with an enemy this nature and magnitude. It is innate in all of us to respond to and protect lives , and although our brothers and sisters remain steadfast in their support roles, the front-line in the fight against this enemy is primarily in the hands of our extended family of protectors in the medical profession. Yet I know all of you feel the humaneness and compassion this catastrophic health pandemic has placed upon our people. We are all unique among our species, we see and have saw people suffer terrible consequences for their poor choices of behavior however , this threat is something the likes of which none of us has ever seen other than perhaps on television as a sci-fy movie. So I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know, and perhaps speak for many of you when I say we all feel similarly helpless and at least for some maybe even hopeless as become more anxious while waiting for the world to go back to some kind of normalcy. Even though we are all seasoned adults experienced in handling what most people never see in a lifetime, it is okay to be a bit overwhelmed at this crisis. The intensity, rapid spread, and rate death is mind blowing. We have historically endured similar outbreaks, epidemics, and even pandemics, one being the Spanish Flu 1918 Yet this crisis seems much stronger, or maybe we have fallen into a sense of comfort, even arrogance, as human-beings in today's modern technological era where medical cures seem daily, and things once only imagined are now real and tangible. Our journey as human-beings has been culminating tower us thinking we are superior speacies upon this planet and as our knowledge and abilities grow greater so to does our feelings of invincibility. Then on occasion we are reminded by nature that we too, like animals and plant life, can be stricken with disease and death.


We as public servants accepted and selflessly disregard risk of being hurt, illness, and death everyday we serve (served) . Because we see(n) the erratic and senseless behaviors and risks that often led to injury or even tragic death, as first responders called to confront and resole these matters, we appreciate life in the truest sense of it's meaning. The details of choices made that can end life in an instant and those that can save that same life just as quickly. All this said , it is because of who we are at our cores, our morals, our values, as the essential workers the first responders, the protectors of all life, that we must and will be among the leaders and role models here to ensure life continues in whatever new norms created by crisis.We finder strength within our persona from our families, and from the strength of our brothers and sisters with whom we served. We always have been, and shall always be there for each other. We are protectors and must stand together so that we can positively effect the recovery of our new norm once this crisis is completely controlled. Reach-out, communicate, and remember who we are, what we have been through, and what we can get through.




This year, 307 names are being engraved on the walls of the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, DC, adding to the nearly 22,000 killed in the line of duty already memorialized there. Join us as law enforcement leaders, celebrities, U.S. officials, and American icons come together to pay tribute to our fallen in a livestreamed Candlelight Vigil.


Our brother and sisters, Stay Safe!

Ex, Vice President, Chuck Goldthwait UPFRA of NY


Stay tuned for virtual Candlelight Vigil Information