We are actively seeking individuals to perform "Wire Guard" duties for our Electric Utility Clients during storm related events. Specifically, the job is to deploy, and be dispatched to downed wires, broken poles, or other hazards, and to safely prevent the public from entering the potentially dangerous area


Why you?... We know that former Law enforcement officers have had a career's worth of experience and training and can safely and effectively secure a scene.


Is there any training?... We have developed a three part on line training to help familiarize you with the equipment that you will see. It is industry comprehensive and will identify the do's and don't's for greater safety awareness. You will always keep yourself clear of and never touch any of the equipment.


Where will I go?... Our Northeast group has worked wind storms, snow events, and large scale hurricanes from Maine to Florida to Michigan, and several states in between


How long are we deployed?... Depending on the scope of an event, our deployments are anywhere from two days to three weeks. For example, it is not uncommon for a utility to prepare for an event, bring us on board, and because the impact of the storm was less than expected, we are released in a couple of days. Conversely, last years winter snow storms, Quinn, Riley, Schuyler, and Toby, kept us busy for over two weeks. In almost all cases we work long hours depending on our clients needs. All worked hours and mobilization and demobilization hours are paid.


How will we be identified in the field as working for the electric utility?... When deployed you will be issued a "Storm Bag". Inside this duffel is a hard hat, hi-visibility vest, strobe light, Storm Services signage for your vehicle, barrier ribbon, and other PPE.


Get details and find out more about what we do by: checking out Storm Services website at

Apply for Storm Services Wire Guard on the above website under job opportunities.Call me directly to have a conversation Dave Slattery 716-867-3070


A short bio about me:

I live in Western NY. I am a retired electric National Grid utility worker with 36 years in the line industry as a line mechanic, and in various managerial roles. I was first introduced to Storm Services during Super Storm Sandy during 2012. Over the decades I have worked countless storm events for several different clients and in several different states. I keep informed of the changing needs and requirements of the electrical utility industry. I strive to maintain a team whose focus is on safety and performing in a responsible and professional manner and takes comfort in knowing that their efforts help communities in times of need.


Thank you and please consider joining our Team

David Slattery - Storm Services LLC - 716-867-3070